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Erin's students rave about her teaching skills and how they feel better with Iyengar Yoga.


Registered Nurse

As a clinical caregiver as my full-time job, I understand the value of talking to others about complicated issues in ways they can understand. Erin excels with this skill. Not only does my body feel better, but I love that she is able to recognize and accommodate each person’s individual needs and skill level. That is what giving care is all about; making it unique to each person.



Baker/Pastry Chef

I first came to Erin because I was experiencing a great deal of back and shoulder pain and needed some relief. A baker's day is rather demanding of the body with lots of lifting, bending, hunching and kneading, while on my feet all day long. My body definitely feels worked when I leave the bakery.

Since taking classes with Erin, I have become very aware of my positioning and I’ve improved my posture radically which has alleviated my pain. I had no idea that I had the keys to feel better, but just needed a little guidance about how to re-align my body! Erin's small group classes give me more instructor attention which means I can learn more and that means I feel better. 


Greg & Deb

Backcountry Horse Packers

We aren't the typical yoga students, but receive so much benefit from couples classes with Erin. Aside from our day jobs, we spend many days each summer packing our horses into the backcountry. Between sleeping in tents, throwing hundreds of pounds of gear around, and other physically-arduous tasks at the barn, our bodies really take a beating.


Thankfully, we found Erin and her instruction keeps us feeling healthy and fit so we can enjoy the outdoor activities we love. Erin thoughtfully chooses poses that benefit us without moving too quickly. Each week we can see and feel the positive difference that yoga is making. The best part is Erin always keeps it fun and engaging.



Mental Health Therapist

I practice yoga for both the physical and mental/emotional benefits. As a full-time therapist, I believe in the holistic approach of well-being and Erin is an excellent teacher in both regards. She listens with compassion, discernment and with great knowledge and wisdom.


Because she is such an astute listener, she is able to design yoga sequences that not only address what my body needs, but also what my mind and spirit need to find peace and alignment. Erin is wonderful instructor and always strives to be a role model of the Iyengar philosophy for her students: non-violence, truth, practice, and non-attachment. 

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