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Each person, class and pose deserves unique attention. As a certified Iyengar yoga teacher, Erin makes a pledge to:

  • teach clients modified yoga poses and develop personal sequences (connecting one pose to another) to address individual concerns;

  • create awareness of current holding patterns in the body &/or mind; 

  • use precise adjustments & props to improve alignment and balance;

  • empower students with home practice "tools" to diminish pain and gain a sense of well-being by cultivating a daily yoga practice - sadhana.

About Erin Burke-Webster

Erin Burke-Webster, is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) & Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT Level 2, formerly Intermediate Junior 1). Erin began extensive teacher training in 2010 and started teaching classes to adults and kids in 2014. She loves working with all ages and abilities but her passion is helping individuals address specific health issues through yoga.


Erin strives to make her classes educational, inviting and creative. Following the Iyengar yoga methodology, she chooses a focus or theme for each class and links the poses so students can observe how each pose affects the next within the sequence. Attention to alignment and clear instruction builds confidence and knowledge within every student. Erin also includes philosophy and breath work to give the practitioner a well-rounded experience.


A native of Rochester, New York, Erin has lived in Montana for 12 years. She loves to hike with her dogs, backpack and explore wild places. Erin studied psychology and art history at Boston University while also managing rigorous conditioning as a collegiate athlete. Due to the routine demands on her body and coping with injury and over-exertion, Erin discovered that yoga was both a physical and mental recovery tool that helped her heal.


The rewards from consistent yoga practice propelled Erin to increase her skills and knowledge of the craft and also share it with others in hopes of improving the health and well-being of her students.

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